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   In the Historic Northwest 

            Denver Highlands Neighborhood

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Celeste Krenz - Sunday, September 18th 

Our First Performance - The Housewarming Concert

Celeste's music spans genres of folk, country, pop and rock with a voice that is timeless.  She shares her stories of growing up on a ranch in North Dakota and most recently in her latest recording, Beautiful Soup, stories of finding the love of her life and starting a family of her own.

Nashville-based, Celeste Krenz, will join us in a special solo concert in a break from her tour through Colorado and Wyoming with the "Women in the Round" series featuring Liz Barnez and Rebecca Folsum.


"A real singer's singer, she connects to the pulse of a song 

with a pure, expressive soprano that is distinctive in its 

rhythmic articulation and tonal clarity."  Sonicnet.com

“Meticulously drawn songwriting, equal parts torch 

and poetry, brain and soul.”        

             Colorado Daily

“An infectious blend of sweet vocals, story based lyrics and acoustic sensibilities.”  

           Billboard Magazine


“The purest folk voice I’ve heard in years.  And that little catch in her throat gives it just a touch of hillbilly soul.  I was so enchanted I almost held my breath.”      

           Music Row Magazine

A Few Photos from the Show

Thank you to everyone who showed up and made this first show such a great success!!!

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Highlands House Concert Series host, Dwight Mark, joined Celeste Krenz for a few songs playing bass and singing backup vocals.

Guest Reviews of the show

I attended the first Highlands House Concert series show on Sep. 18th with Celeste Krenz as the first artist to grace the stage. Now, looking back, I can't believe I was not aware of this great talent. Her voice is majestic, to the point that I almost came to tears on a few of her songs. She has a perfect control of her voice and sound. You can tell she is not new to the music scene. She sings about things that we all can take comfort in, and she interjects sweet humor whenever the opportunity arises. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the intimate atmosphere that the host has worked so hard to create. It was nice to hear quality music, mingle with other music lovers and then not have to fight the traffic on the way home. I will definitely be apart of many House Concerts to come.

Sonya, Littleton Colorado



Homemade Wine Raised Funds for the Subdudes Katrina Relief Fund

This Petit Shiraz was made last fall at the Courtney Krenz home near Sloans Lake.  It just won a silver medal at the first annual international home wine making festival.  There were over 120 entries, 4 gold’s, 5 silvers and 8 bronzes were awarded. 

For those of you who know and love the Subdudes, there is a relief fund for the band members and their immediate families that have lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina.  While band members John Magnie, Steve Amedee & Tim Cook live here in Colorado, Tommy Malone and Jimmy Messa had to evacuate their families from their homes.

To find out more about the relief fund, please visit the Subdudes website at www.subdudes.com

John, Steve & Tim have been an inspiration to me and given the gift of their musical talents to my own music. Money raised went directly to the Subdudes Katrina Relief Fund.

Donations may be sent by USPS to Norlaco Credit Union, Attn: Joanie Cook, P.O.Box 528, Fort Collins, CO 80522-0528; or via UPS/FedEx to Norlaco Credit Union, Attn: Joanie Cook, 2545 Research Blvd., Fort Collins, CO 80526.