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Friday, October 21st, 2005

Highlands House Concerts hosted Chicago area musician Kraig Kenning who captured first place honors in the first annual "National Slide Guitar Festival" competition in Brevard, North Carolina. The event was sponsored by the National Guitar Company, along with co-sponsor Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

This was a memorable show with wonderful guests and Kraig awed the crowd with his fingerstyle guitar, heartfelt songs and the stories behind them, and INCREDIBLE slide guitar work!

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Quotes from guests of the show:

"I bought Kraig's CD Every Precious Moment.  Kraig sings 'Sometimes the door is slightly open, and other times it's nearly closed.'  Friday night the door was wide open to experience Kraig's songs of insight and reflection that come from observing and living life fully and experiencing compassion, his smokin' slide guitar playing, laughter and awe from the audience, and a sense of community beyond words.  Kraig ends the song 'And we pray that we'll find some peace of mind, and let every precious moment slip away.'

Find some peace of mind by coming to Dwight's next house concert."

Judith, Denver

"Kraig Kennings show on Oct. 21st was very inspiring to me. His raw tunes were something I believe everyone can relate to. He shows a true passion for music through his unique style and powerful guitar playing. I felt that I had a small look into some of his experiences by the picturesque view he gave with his words and voice. As a result of the first two successful concerts, I plan on attending all of the House concert series to follow. Dwight has shown that he has the ability to attract some of the finest artist around, which as a member of the audience, has moved and inspired me every time."

                          Sonya, Littleton


A Few Photos from the Show

A BIG thank you to everyone who showed up and made our second show huge success!!!

A sold out show with over 40 in attendance

Highlands House Concert Series host, Dwight Mark, joined Kraig for a few songs

playing bass, mandolin and singing backup vocals.